Handcrafted waist beads

Waist beads are a single or multiple strands of beads made from different types of glass, metal, crystal and wooden beads worn on the waist and belly. Waist beads are an ancient tradition that originated in West Africa and are worn for many reasons such as expressing femininity, healing, protection, figure maintenance and intimacy with a partner. Worn more for traditional reasons or for fashion, waist beads are the perfect tool to tap into feminine energie.

Ghanaian culture

Adinkra symbol

The Adinkra symbolic comes from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, each of the geometrically shaped symbols has a very special meaning and stands for a word, a sentence, a historical event, a proverb, an animal or a plant in the Ashanti language.

Originally, the symbols were only used by kings, which gave some symbols an additional deeply religious meaning for example like the Gye Nyame symbol which symbolizes the omnipresence of God or Nyame Nti symbole that symbolizes faith and trust in God. These symbols are an essential part of the Ghanian culture and it is our pleasure to bring this traditional symbolic language to you.


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